Good nutrition starts right from the beginning…

Evidence shows that the earlier healthy eating habits are established the healthier a person remains.  At Foodtalk, we offer bespoke and off the shelf early years interventions with an aim to creating a whole systems approach to health.  We have trained hundreds of early years professionals and worked with thousands of families to establish lifelong healthy habits right from the start.

We provide the following training for Early Years Professionals:

    • Nutritional guidelines for under 5’s
    • Implementing voluntary food & drink guidelines for Early Years settings e.g. ‘Eat Better, Start Better’
    • Fussy eating and managing mealtimes
    • Prenatal, Antenatal and postnatal nutritional guidelines
    • Introducing solid foods (weaning)
    • Raising the issue of weight and brief interventions to health
    • Vitamin D guidelines for early years

We also work with local authorities, children’s centres and early years settings to provide family based interventions on the following topics:

  • A 3-week introduction to weaning programme for mums and babies
  • A 6-week healthy cooking programme for families
  • A 6-week physical activity and nutrition programme for young families

Contact us to see how we can adjust our interventions to meet your specific needs.

The Foodtalk Game


The Foodtalk Game is a cost-effective and evidence based early years nutrition intervention.  It can be used in nurseries, children centres, and childcare settings to help teach staff and families about good early years nutrition.  For more information on the Foodtalk Game or to buy a copy please click here.


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Bespoke nutrition service

We are happy to create a bespoke nutrition service to meet your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss this further.

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Fighting the uphill battle…

Childhood obesity is one of the biggest public health epidemics to face our nation.  At Foodtalk, we are passionate about developing innovative and evidence based solutions to try to tackle the rising tide of weight in children.  We work with Local Authorities, schools and Public Health teams to design health promotion interventions to meet local needs ensuring those at greatest risk are targeted.

Over the last 10 years we have designed, implemented and evaluated Tier 1, 2 and 3 weight management interventions in over 10 London boroughs.  

We work with a variety of stakeholders and partners  to ensure that the programmes we deliver align with local strategy and are designed with full input from service users.  Having worked with thousands of families we have a strong understanding of the barriers towards achieving success and have developed unique and evidence based solutions to overcome them.

If you would like support in any stage of design, implementation or evaluation of your weight management intervention please contact us and we would be happy to discuss how we can support your needs.


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Bespoke nutrition service

We would love to work with you to develop a successful, evidence based and cost effective weight management intervention. Talk to us to discuss further.

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Workplace Health

Jayne Linley, our lead workplace health dietitian, is certified by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) Work Ready Scheme to deliver nutrition based workplace wellness interventions throughout the UK. She has experience designing and delivering workplace health interventions for both large NHS trusts and the local authority. Her extensive experience, combined with a strong interest in corporate health initiatives, make Jayne an asset to any corporate health intervention.

Why a Dietitian?

Did you know that for a full-time worker, 60% of the food they consume is done during working hours? And, that adequate hydration and regular eating patterns can support staff in accurate decision-making and help prevent lower concentration levels, fatigue and anxiety? Additionally, staff that work shift work or long days (>8hrs) are more likely to develop obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease – all illnesses that are both prevented and treated through nutrition education.

Dietitians are the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to nutrition and are the only qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems at an individual and wider public health level. As such, they have the skills to effect positive behaviour change for a workforce in partnership with an employer.

What we can offer

We recognize the role that nutrition plays in workplace wellness initiative and can offer a variety of interventions as outlined below. Alternately, please contact us and we would be happy to create a bespoke service for your company.

OPTION A: On-site Health Check and Nutritional Counseling

A Registered Dietitian will come to your offices and test employees for any or all of the following:

  • Blood sugar (indicative of diabetes risk)
  • Blood Pressure (indicative of cardiovascular risk)
  • Body Mass Index (indicative of obesity risk)
  • Waist Circumference (indicative of obesity, cardiovascular and diabetes risk)

Employees deemed ‘at-risk’ will then be offered tailored nutritional advice to lower their risk. Advice can be given in either a group or 1:1 format.

OPTION B: Food Services Audit and Advice

A registered dietitian will do a thorough review of any onsite food provision including cafes, canteens and vending machines. A report will then be given detailing potential healthy changes including recipe tweaks, food substitutions and changes to portion sizes. A ‘traffic light’ labeling system can then be imposed to inform staff or healthy and less healthy choices.

OPTION C: Nutrition Education Seminars (in-person or virtual)

On-site Nutrition Workshops

Foodtalk CIC will work with yourselves and Maitland Medical to determine the nutritional topics of most concern to your staff. Once these have been ascertained, on-site workshops will be provided to educate staff on the main nutritional issues. All workshops are interactive, include practical advice, take home resources and provide a positive learning environment.


Nutrition Education Video License

This option works well for employees that are time-strapped, work irregular shifts or work away from the main corporate offices. The annual license gives you access to a variety of nutrition education videos that can be viewed on a private membership based website or through the corporate intranet. Videos are approximately 3-5 minutes in length and cover the same topics as our on-site workshops. Videos are short and visually engaging and can be accessed anywhere from computers, tablets or smartphones.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Food and Mood
  • Healthy eating for shift workers
  • Eating for Weight loss
  • Eating for increased energy
  • How to reduce your risk of heart disease
  • Eating for a variety of medical conditions (heart health, diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Cancer, Osteoporosis, mental health)
  • Understanding Food labels
  • The science behind what, when and how to eat
  • Quick, healthy meals on the go
  • Sports nutrition